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Alexandrite laser 3W2020

Handpiece power: 1500 Watt
Very large spot: 15 x 25 mm²
3 wavelengths: 755 nm + 808 nm + 1064 nm
Fast working speed up to 20 Hz Frequency

Warranty: 7 years

Financing : 0% Interest

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With our newly developed and highly effective Alexandrite laser you can offer your customers permanent hair removal, which also makes the skin smooth and supple.

The laser light, with a wavelength of 755/808/1064nm, is absorbed by the melanin present in the hair.
The Alexandrite Laser 3W2020 is the most effective depilation laser for lighter hair.

During the treatment, the laser emits lightning energy every millisecond until the laser beam has reached the hair follicles.
Only the hair is destroyed and the surrounding tissue is not reached.

The high-power Alexandrite laser stimulates collagen synthesis, giving the treatment a firming and smoothing effect on the Skin.
Although numerous methods for permanent hair removal are available on the market, treatment with the alexandrite laser is still one of the most effective methods. The Alexandrite Laser 3W2020 was specially developed for hair removal and has been the gold standard for decades due to its proven effectiveness. In only 5 to 8 treatments it is possible to remove all hair permanently. With other time- and cost-intensive alternatives often clearly more treatments are necessary. With our Alexandrite laser 3W2020 you have the possibility to work time-saving by the delivery of 10 Hz per second. The Alexandrite laser generates bundled light of a certain wavelength. This light is converted into heat at the moment it comes into contact with the skin, with the melanin contained in the hair acting as a light conductor.  The temperature reaches more than 68° Celsius, which permanently destroys the hair cells and hair follicles. Due to the high penetration depth, particularly deep lying hair can also be successfully treated. Skin types I to IV (Fitzpatrick) can be treated particularly efficiently. They can work both selectively and glidingly.

The pulse energy, the pulse length and the pulse strength of the laser can be increased in order to respond individually to each skin and hair type. By adjusting pulse duration and pulse intensity to the specific hair color, skin color and skin type, the laser can treat a wide range of patients with excellent results. The Alexandrite Laser 3W2020 works much more focused and powerful due to its fixed wavelength range and thus achieves more effective results. For this reason, these successes can be recognized more quickly with the help of this device. Between 5-8 treatments are applied to permanently remove the hair.  Our Alexandrite laser has a compact and lightweight handpiece, which makes the treatment easier for you. It is low-maintenance and represents the optimal solution for daily use. The Alexandrite Laser 3W2020 is a highly professional floor-standing device that convinces with its modern design and user-friendly display. The longevity is guaranteed by the qualitative construction. It has a large water tank and is therefore suitable for use in medical practices and larger cosmetic studios with a large number of treatments. You can use the Alexandrite Laser 3W2020 without any pauses or interruptions. Since it is equipped with castors, it can be moved easily and flexibly.

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Category Hair Removal
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Our seals of approval, approvals and guarantee

Our devices are subject to the highest safety standards and have worldwide
Approvals, for safe operation.

U. S. Food and Drug Administration

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA is the only official federal authority in the world that has laser and IPL devices tested for their effectiveness for permanent hair reduction at the request of the manufacturer (510(k) approval).

To be allowed to work with a device in the USA, it must have the "normal" FDA approval. Similar to the CE certification in the EU, the device is tested for safety and harmlessness. All devices on the US market have this FDA seal.

The FDA does not differentiate between lasers and IPL devices in the approval process. For simplicity, both types of devices fall under the existing category of dermatological and surgical lasers class 2 (CFR 878.4810). In official statements of the FDA, only lasers are mentioned although IPL is also included.


The road to the various markets is paved with extremely strict requirements, especially in the medical products sector: the products must meet the highest quality standards and their quality management must be designed accordingly. Here it is sensible and good to be able to consult an experienced expert. Just like TÜV SÜD. We have been testing and certifying quality management for medical devices for over 30 years and have the necessary know-how, not least thanks to the continuous training of our specialists. This is why we are among the market leaders in countries with strict regulation of medical devices and count many leading manufacturers among our customers. Our quality management certificates confirm that we comply with a whole range of international standards - most notably ISO 13485, which means that you as a manufacturer have proof that certified quality management has been applied in the manufacture of your medical devices and that it meets the highest requirements. This promotes your image as a manufacturer, strengthens the confidence of authorities, buyers and users in your products and provides clear sales arguments.

ISO 13485

Companies that develop and manufacture medical devices ensure the marketing and manufacturing processes by means of a comprehensive quality management system in accordance with ISO 13485. The basis is that for medical devices that are established on the German market, regulations and legal requirements must be observed: Medizinproduktegesetz (MPG), which together with its ordinances implements the European Directives 90/385/EEC (for active implants), 93/42/EEC (for other medical devices) and 98/79/EC (for in-vitro diagnostics) in Germany. The EN ISO 13485 standard describes the specific requirements for quality management systems in the medical device industry. Added to this is the position in EN ISO 9001 and other industry-specific conditions for medical devices.

Although ISO 13485 is an independent document, the requirements are largely identical to those of ISO 9001, which focuses on the requirement that companies/organizations must strive for continuous optimization under quality management aspects. ISO 13485 focuses on product safety. It is important to ensure that the efficiency of the implemented processes meets the product requirements.

Medical devices - seal of approval

The EN ISO 13485 standard "Medical devices: Quality management systems - Requirements for regulatory purposes" deals with the requirements that manufacturers and suppliers of medical devices must meet when developing, implementing and maintaining management systems for the medical device industry. Originally developed in the 1990s, the standard contains requirements for quality management systems that meet customer needs as well as regulatory requirements of the European Union (EU), Canada and other major markets worldwide.

EN ISO 13485 is similar in scope and purpose to ISO 9001, but contains additional requirements specific to medical devices and reformulates some of the requirements of ISO 9001. In most markets, ISO 9001 certification is therefore not an adequate substitute for EN ISO 13485 certification.

ECM – Ente Certificazione Macchine

Ente Certificazione Macchine is a well-known body authorized by the European Commission to issue EC certificates in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD). [See the ECM accreditations on the database Nando Information System qui of the European Commission].

The CE mark The CE mark is the mandatory certification mark that every medical device must have in order to be marketed and used in the European Union. The CE mark declares that the product complies with the applicable European directives. The Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD) lists the basic safety, efficacy and quality requirements that a medical device must meet in order to receive the CE mark and be allowed to be placed on the European market.

EU 765/2008

The CE marking indicates that the machine meets the requirements of the Machinery Directive. This also applies to all other applicable EC directives. Each machine may be provided with exactly one CE mark. The CE marking must stand on an equal footing with the manufacturer's information and be applied using the same technique.

CE stands for Communauté Européenne (European Community). The marking indicates that a product or machine complies with the relevant European directives. The CE mark, introduced in 1995, is therefore to be understood as a "passport" for machines, as it allows machines to be both marketed and operated in the EU. It is important that the CE mark should not be confused with a seal of approval or quality mark.

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Our trainings take place according to manufacturer guidelines and consist of theory and practice. After passing the exam, you will receive a certificate and can therefore legally carry out treatments. Our trainers are trained by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Medical training

Basics and structure of the skin

Basics and structure of hair

different skin types and their reactions

Special fields ( device dependent ) and fields of application

Basics of permanent hair removal

Basics of Acne Treatment

Basics of skin treatment

Basics of vascular treatments

Basics of the treatment of pigment spots

Technical basics / factors ( device dependent )


radio frequency

IPL devices

SHR devices

Radio Frequency Devices

treatment implementation

Safety instructions and protective measures

Hygiene and disinfection

treatment process

customer information

Checklists for treatment

Anamnesis questionnaires for the treatment

Technical terms around your devices

Legal forms for treatment

Insurance guidelines

Practical examination

Instruction on the device

treatment stages

care instructions

Our trainings take place in our training center or in your studio. Every year, there is a further training course for you. Every month you will receive treatment tips from us and all information from the manufacturer.

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