With the purchase of a device you receive an IPL-SHR device training.

The training includes the handling of IPL-SHR devices, the types of treatment and treatment methods. After the training, you will receive all the training material again for your reference, as well as all documents for your customers and a certification.

You want to start your own business with an IPL-SHR device for permanent hair removal? Of course, we support you here, and offer you a free training in a new purchase of one of our IPL-SHR devices.

Here you will find all the important details to consider before, during and after the treatment.

Among the central topics of the training include the exclusion criteria of certain customers (such as pregnant women, people with heavily graying hair, etc.). You will learn special insider tips based on years of experience through countless treatments. After completing the training, you will fully understand the basic principle of IPL-SHR hair removal and have an answer to every question from your customers.

Of course, the treatment process on the device will be explained in detail.

- Equipment of the handpiece

- the application of the gel

- Joule setting

- professional treatment

- optimal cleaning etc.

The training also includes some entrepreneurial tips, such as:

-What kind of institution am I putting up without spending a fortune?

- In which rooms do I start my business best?

-How do I apply my new business most efficiently?

In addition, in our training course you will receive some interesting information regarding business liability, business registration and questionnaires, which you can fill in and sign by the customer before any initial treatment. You will then be given the training material to read and a certificate that will make it clear to your clientele that they are in expert hands.

Brief overview of the topics:

Treatment techniques - IPL SHR technique and radio frequency technique

Physical fundamentals - Electromagnetic waves, wavelengths of light, energy, reflection, scattering

Biological treatment basics - Skin composition, growth cycles and phases, hair thickness

Treatment options - permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation / wrinkle reduction

Treatment procedure - The consultation, the questionnaire, the written consent form, the treatment protocol, the preparation of a schedule

Other topics - marketing, safety and practical applications

The Beauty Laser Inc. training course is a complete information package that will get you started right away.