Helios III Laseroptek
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Helios III Laseroptek

Removal of all tattoos, eye and lip lines, epidermis and dermis pigment,
Evus of Ota, blue nevus, black nevus, coffee dot, age spots,
freckles, sunburn spots and chloasma, skin lightening and wrinkle removal

Warranty: 7 years

Financing : 0% Interest

Training in our training center or in your studio on site

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Worldwide unique fractional q-switched NdYAG tattoo laser 1064/532nm and quasi-long pulse
Removal of internal and external pigments (tattoos, stains etc.)
Highest quality top flat head profile, superior to the usual VRM top flat head profile
Fractionated QS NdYAG produces less heat than conventional tattoo lasers with VRM at the same dose
pulse speed 8-10ns, FRM mode 200us, single pulse energy 1.3 J/cm2 @ 1064nm, power 1064nm 13Watt, 532nm 5Watt
frequency 1-10Hz, spot size 1064nm 5x5mm, 532nm 4x4mm, collimator 8mm, zoom 1-7mm

The HELIOS III is an excellent q-switched Nd:YAG pigment laser from LASEROPTEK in Seoul.
Ideal for the removal of tattoos, permanent make-up, stains and pigmented lesions.
Needle-free skin rejuvenation with fractional and collimator handpieces.
Alternative to expensive picosecond lasers for pigmented lesions and dark tattoo colors.

Cellulite reduction
Body shaping
Weight loss
deep fat blasting
Skin tightening and lifting
General reduction of waist, abdomen and buttocks

Technical details:

Fractionated q-switched NdYAG tattoo laser 1064/532nm and quasi-long pulse
World's best top flat head profile, (better than VRM)
pulse speed 8-10ns, FRM mode 200us, single pulse energy 1.3 J/cm2 @ 1064nm,Power 1064nm 13Watt, 532nm 5Watt
Energy Power 1064nm 13Watt, 532nm 5Watt
frequency 1-10Hz, spot size 1064nm 5x5mm, 532nm 4x4mm, collimator 8mm, zoom 1-7mm
Power source 220V, 60Hz
Mirror joint arm with air exhaust
Weight 80kg
Size wxtxh 30x82x94cm
Certified as medical device, manufactured by Laser Optics South Korea

Production Production Information IPL Swiss is the exclusive distribution partner of the BeautyTec Medi Group.

Korea - Laseroptek Co

All equipment is assembled in the main factory in Houston (Texas) and subjected to all necessary safety tests.

We use laser technology from the USA (FDA approval), optimal devices from Germany (TÜV Süd approval), pump technology from Italy (Medial ISO 13485 approval) and hose and ladder technology from Germany.

Quality inspections - Certificates U. S. Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) TÜV Süd ISO 13485 Medical Prüfsiegel / Prüfnorm Medical Devices CE - EU Regulation 765/2008

All certificates belong to the scope of delivery of your order and will be handed over to you.


Our trainings take place according to manufacturer guidelines and consist of theory and practice. After passing the exam, you will receive a certificate and can therefore legally carry out treatments. Our trainers are trained by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Medical training

Basics and structure of the skin

Basics and structure of hair

different skin types and their reactions

Special fields ( device dependent ) and fields of application

Basics of permanent hair removal

Basics of Acne Treatment

Basics of skin treatment

Basics of vascular treatments

Basics of the treatment of pigment spots

Technical basics / factors ( device dependent )


radio frequency

IPL devices

SHR devices

Radio Frequency Devices

treatment implementation

Safety instructions and protective measures

Hygiene and disinfection

treatment process

customer information

Checklists for treatment

Anamnesis questionnaires for the treatment

Technical terms around your devices

Legal forms for treatment

Insurance guidelines

Practical examination

Instruction on the device

treatment stages

care instructions

Our trainings take place in our training center or in your studio. Every year, there is a further training course for you. Every month you will receive treatment tips from us and all information from the manufacturer.

Of course our support is at your disposal to answer all your questions immediately.

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Financing partner

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IPL Swiss hire purchase
You make a deposit, which varies according to the device and your creditworthiness.
After that you can pay monthly installments to us and start earning money immediately.


Of course you get the training also with a installment purchase of the device FREE OF CHARGE!

If you have gained a foothold in the IPL business, YOU will receive a 2nd training with which you can deepen your knowledge.

You will receive a monthly newsletter from us with application tips and tricks from our customers, which are stored in the knowledge database. It contains applications, skin types and all important information - about your device since 7 years.

Of course you will receive the phone number of our emergency team, which is available 7 days a week. Here one will help you immediately.

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