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Laser or IPL?

While laser devices may only be used by certified medical institutions and (dermatological) medical practices, IPL devices can be operated by almost anyone, including cosmeticians, after proper training.

Only 12 years ago, there were only laser devices for permanent hair removal.

Over time, the first IPL devices were developed to implement permanent hair removal. In the beginning the laser devices were superior to the IPL devices, because they had more power. But the IPL technology was developed in record time and has been successfully established on the market for several years.

The difference between both technologies lies in the wavelengths:

    Laser - fixed wavelength of 755 nm
    IPL xenon lamp - wavelength from ~ 500 nm to 1200 nm

While the long-pulsed laser has a fixed wavelength, the wavelengths in the IPL process can be precisely limited by filter inserts. As the xenon lamp is washed around with water for cooling, the wavelength is limited upwards to ~ 950 nm. At the bottom, the wavelength is limited by the filter inserts, which also allows the type of treatment to be determined.

For example, filters in the range of 590 nm - 695 nm (depending on skin type) are used for permanent hair removal. In addition, the IPL technique uses scattered light.

A large number of hairs are struck per light impulse and deserted at the hair roots. This results in a considerably higher treatment success.