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Great financing up to 48 months - minimum rental period 12 months - solid financing partners If you have any questions, please use our chat or call us. We are looking forward to your inquiries !

BeautyTec Medi is your reliable partner for 7 years in the field of cosmetic devices. We deliver first-class quality with a satisfactory all-round service. For example, this service includes 24/7 support with a 2-year warranty and interesting warranty extensions.  

The devices we offer include IPL devices, SHR devices, diode laser devices, combination devices, Nd Yag lasers and cryolipolysis devices. Of course, these are high-quality and certified devices, which are supplied with complete accessories, operating instructions and installation aids. All our devices are under constant surveillance and the latest safety standards.  

In addition, we offer - if you wish - trainings, training sessions and special training material so that you are the professional on your devices right from the start. These trainings take place either in our training center or at your location.    

If you want to lease your equipment, this is no problem. We are happy to make you an offer tailored to your needs.  

Purchase price: 10,900 €

Deposit: 4.000 € 

Lease term

Rate p. M.

24 Months

287,50 €

36 Months

191,67 €

48 Months

143,75 €

60 Months

115,00 €


Interest term:                                                           0%

One time processing fee:                                      149,00 € net

Payment agreement:                                             monthly payment in advance

Leasing requirement:                                             Electronics insurance

Use of the leased property:                                  exclusively commercial  

Do not hesitate and get your non-binding offer. Our leasing department will respond to your wishes and design for you coordinated offer.