Laser Carbon Peeling Creme
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Premium IPL SHR + YAG Laser

Permanent Hair Removal (HR)
Tattoo Removal
Carbon Peeling
Skin rejuvenation (SR)
Stain Removal
Skin tightening
Wrinkle Removal
Acne Therapy
Vascular treatment
Skin whitening




SHR Hair Removal Device

For many women and men, depilation of the body is an integral part of personal hygiene and well-being. There are many possibilities, but these methods are usually painful and cause inflammation or reddening. In addition, the hairs grow back quickly so that the procedure has to be repeated permanently. Our device permanently frees you from stubble, redness and ingrown hairs. Our devices are sensitive and take great care during the treatment. The treatment with our devices is gentle and especially gentle to your skin. We offer state-of-the-art technology and much more hair removal equipment.

Effect hair removal device

The Super-IPL (SHR) - SHR hair removal device can penetrate into the deep skin and selectively act on the subcutaneous pigment and blood vessel to break down melanin, close abnormal blood and eliminate the various skin defects. At the same time, SHR can stimulate the rebirth of subcutaneous collagen to make the skin young, healthy and smooth. Instead of the 4 mm depth of traditional IPL technology, Super IPL laser can penetrate into the 15 mm depth of the skin for better treatment and a wider treatment area.

The SHR system could achieve a more effective hair removal function for dark skin and light hair. IPL Laser is a new technology of permanent hair removal that has a resounding success. The machine gradually heats the dermis to a target temperature, at this target temperature it damages the hair follicles and prevents their effective growth, while the surrounding tissue around the hair follicles is not damaged. The high repetition rate of the single pulse is introduced deep into the dermis and then reaches the high average power and effective heat therapeutically and without the risk of pain and injury.


High standard configuration

6 capacitors and 3000 W energy provide a constant energy output, practically painless 20 Hz frequency, before the shot with the shot IPL, very fast treatment speed. Our innovative 20 Hz frequency design could guarantee a very effective face lift. Our customers could use the machine effectively for body whitening and skin rejuvenation.

Compared to traditional IPL settings, SHR (Slide Hair Removal) can slide for treatment, so the speed for each flash is very fast, and OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology) ensures that each pulse energy is even and consistent, making it virtually safe, effective and comfortable to treat patients

Handpiece limited with two wavelengths

640-950nm handpiece: hair removal, superior to 610-1200nm
530-950nm Handpiece: skin rejuvenation and pigment removal

Advanced cooling technology

The OPT SHR IPL device cools the skin over a longer period of time during treatment. This minimizes the risk of burns and maintains heat in the dermis where hair follicles are treated. The result is an innovative hair removal solution that provides excellent results for all skin types, including dark skin.

YAG Laser

3 types of treatment tips are available for our patented
Q+ treatment handle, offers you more dexterity and lightness


1064nm treatment peak.
532nm treatment tip
Carbon peeling treatment tip


1. tattoo removal:
Black, blue, brown, red, different types of old and new tattoos

2. pigmented lesions in the epidermis and dermis
Age spot, coffee stain, sunspot, freckle, melasma, ota,
Zygomaticus, nevus, Mongolian spot, pigmentation after inflammation

Third carbon scrub:
skin rejuvenation, skin whitening, skin tightening, skin texture

With the Super-Laser facial treatment, the effects of
Skin rejuvenation, pore reduction, elimination of pigments and helps to improve skin texture
to improve .

Maximum energy 1500mj.
6ns pulse width, only 1/ 5 pulse width of all normal Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers